Spotwave Boosts Indoor Wireless Signals

There was a lot of press coverage last year when AT&T Wireless used some technology to bring cellular service below ground at Rockefeller Center in NYC and to some subway platforms. Now, a company called Spotwave is trying to jump on the “fill in the blanks” bandwagon by selling “donor units” and “coverage units” that can extend the coverage of cellular networks in deadzones, such as underground locations and within office buildings. The twist, though, is they’re not targeting the carriers (it appears), but individual businesses who want to improve the coverage of the various cellular networks in their buildings. They’re also looking at producing a “home version” that would increase cellular coverage within your home. It’s an interesting proposition – though, I wonder how large the market really is. It seems like cellular network coverage has been improving pretty consistently over the past few years, such that I find fewer and fewer deadspots these days. The better the carriers get at covering areas, the less this product becomes useful. At the end of the article, though, they also mention that they’re working on a similar product for WLANs. That might be a more interesting market (though, they would face a lot more competition).

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