Senate Opposes FCC Relaxed Media Regulation

from the political-in-fighting dept

An anonymous wimp writes in with a link to a story about the Senate Commerce Committee voting on a law that would override the FCC’s recent (hotly contested) decision to rollback some limitations on media ownership. I have to admit, I can’t remember another tech/political issue that has had people so riled up. There are plenty that get attention, but this one seems so one-sided and so emotional. The most amazing thing is the lack of people supporting the FCC’s moves in any way. Either way, with the Senate actively looking to overrule the FCC, we should get some fun inter-governmental-branch fighting to follow over the next few months. Personally, from what I’ve seen, there are certainly problems with the FCC’s decision, but I don’t see the new rules as being the end of the world the way many others do. It seems like the type of “problem” that solutions will find a way around.

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