Continental Follows United Down The Wrong Path Towards In-Flight Email

from the extortionate-pricing dept

Continental apparently noticed all the hype earlier this week about United offering email from their planes, but didn’t pick up on the fact that anyone who reads the details realizes the pricing is ridiculous and the technical problems make it unlikely people will use it. So, instead of coming out with something better, Continental has said they will basically offer the same email-in-the-skies deal that no one is going to use. The airline industry is so consistent in making sure that they follow each other in lockstep – rather than really pushing the boundaries. I wonder if it will take an “upstart” discount airline like a SouthWest or a JetBlue to offer internet access in a meaningful way that people will actually use.

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Comments on “Continental Follows United Down The Wrong Path Towards In-Flight Email”

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Glenn says:

No Subject Given

Mike, although I tend to think you know this given your earlier comments, you didn’t point out the one little tiny detail that makes this a worthwhile endeavor for the airlines. It’s generating positive buzz about innovations that airlines are doing for the business traveler. And it’s getting a lot of positive feedback from analysts and WSJ. This is something all the carriers desperately want, and as you pointed out, it’s difficult for the average joe to determine at this point that the offerings may not be very useful.

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