Boingo "Adds" Service At LaGuardia Airport

Rest assured that Techdirt will not bore you with one-by-one “news” blogs about how WiFi has been installed in yet another US airport. The shame is that these installations did not all occur two years ago. It’s surprising that a single airport deployment can still be passed off as “news” at all. RCR News picked up Boingo’s press release regarding WiFi at New York City’s LaGuardia airport. This WiFi network was installed by neutral-host network provider Concourse Communications . Concourse is a “white label” network operator which re-sells through other companies. Wayport has a partnership with Concourse to market the WiFi Hotspot at LaGuardia. Wayport has a roaming deal with Boingo… are we beginning to see how ridiculous this press announcement is? Yes, Boingo should advertise the availability of WiFi at LGA to their customers, but is it news at all, least of all news Boingo should announce? Also, with this many fingers in the pie, is there a reasonable business model?

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