In Defense Of Spam

from the why-I-love-spam dept

Over at Tech Central Station, there’s an amusing article from someone explaining why they love spam. Basically, it’s a tongue-in-cheek discussion about how it’s expanded his horizons, letting him learn about enlarging body part, the extra curricular activities of barnyard animals, and wonderful investment opportunities from Nigeria without lifting a finger. He also points out that spam must be wonderful since it’s brought together those who normally disagree on everything. The writer, though, does have a more serious point about spam, and all the various attempts to stop it. He feels that all this legal fighting over the best spam bill doesn’t really matter – as it’s not going to do a damn thing to stop the flood of spam. Especially considering the fact that no one can even agree on what spam is, it makes more sense to come up with technological solutions that let each person decide for themselves what they consider spam – and what to do with it.

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