29 Nations Target Cross-Border Internet Scams

from the can't-hide-across-the-border-line dept

The issue of internet jurisdictions comes up over and over again – and don’t think the associated legal “flexibility” isn’t well noted by many online crooks who use such cross-border difficulties as a way to shield themselves from any sort of punishment. Now, however, twenty-nine nations in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development have agreed to update procedures to make it easier to go after cross-border scammers. It’s a little unclear how all of this will actually work (and if it’s just another way to simply make US law de facto internet law), but I doubt it will have much real impact on online fraud. Certainly, there will be a few highly publicized cases where cross-border scammers will be caught, expedited, tried, and tossed in jail – but the scams will continue. They’ll get more creative, and move to nations that aren’t covered by this agreement – or they’ll just cover their tracks much better. Making it easier to go after scammers doesn’t do much to figure out how to actually stop fraud.

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