Munich Airport Offers Choice Of WISP

Right now, as people are building out WiFi hotspots, you’re usually lucky if you can find a single signal wherever you are at the time. Then you have to figure out who provides the service and how to connect. However, assuming WiFi continues to grow, and you’ll have multiple access points and multiple service offerings, will the choices become more complex. As an early experiment it might be interesting to look at how the Munich airport does with its new WiFi system that offers service through multiples WISPs and lets the users pick which one suits them best. The actual service is being run by the airport, itself, but apparently they’re able to offer the service through multiple providers. The idea is that users can pick their own regular WISP so they won’t need to change any settings on their machine. In practice, I imagine that people will gravitate towards the cheapest option – though, who knows how readily available that information will be. How long until someone sets up a multi-WISP access point that lets the WISPs themselves haggle over your business.

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