Congress To Review National Bill On Handsfree

Earlier today, and last week, Techdirt has been looking at recommendations from the National Transportation Safety Board to reduce the use of cell phones while driving. Now, two congresspeople are preparing to introduce legislation to curb the use of cell phones while driving on a national level. I don’t like this. No great argument against it, I just want to be able to use my phone as I drive. If some people can shave, why can’t I talk? At least phones can do some good: I’ve never seen a shaver make a 911 call to help someone in distress.

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Comments on “Congress To Review National Bill On Handsfree”

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1 Comment
yeti says:

hands free cell phone

Long before cell phones have been CBs and ham radios in cars. Am I to believe that cell phones are more of a distraction than these two other comm devices? When did it become an issue? How about your tape deck or CD player, or your cars climate controls; are these any less distracting. They are all basically the same thing. And how do we gauge when something that is manipulated in the automobile to reach the point where it is considered a distraction. What will the government do next; fund the development of the distractometer? What about the blonde in a convertible? Are we going to ban pretty things; how about shiney things? I can see it now, $100 fine for having anything shiney or pretty in your car, because after all, those can be distracting too.

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