Deal-Making On The Rise In The Tech Industry?

from the real-or-imagined dept

It’s been rumored for a while, but following the big news last week about Oracle’s bid for PeopleSoft, some are saying that mergers and acquisitions are about to heat up in Silicon Valley. Of course, a lot of that is speculation, considering man still think the Oracle announcement was much more of a publicity stunt than an actual buyout offer. Either way, though, there are plenty of reasons to suggest increasing M&A activity. Right now, it looks like most of the deals are situations where both companies are struggling a bit, and looking for ways to combine forces and attack a market with one less competitor (and perhaps a little more cash). I’d say a lot of those types of deals are really just putting off the inevitable, rather than creating a combined company that really has valuable synergies to take on a market in a new way.

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