Apple Wants To Buy Napster?

from the rumor-or-reality? dept

This one is going around quite a bit, so who knows how valid a rumor it is, or if it’s something someone just cooked up because it sounded good. The story is that Apple is in talks to buy Roxio, the company that has bought Napster, and recently bought the music industry’s dud online music offering, PressPlay. The idea is that, first, Apple’s iTunes could take on the Napster name, but also that Apple could use all of Roxio’s various software products to come out with a music/video editing suite for Windows machines. All the pieces seem to fit together, but that doesn’t mean it’s likely (or that any discussions are really taking place). While Apple has occasionally bought companies, they usually seem much more interested in building things from within.

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Comments on “Apple Wants To Buy Napster?”

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1 Comment
Joe Schmoe says:

What's in a name?

I don’t understand what value is left in the name/brand “Napster”. To me, this and others like it have garnered a reputation of programs with tag-along ad and spyware. I would not use it [Napster] even if I did make use of file sharing programs. Am I wrong or are there just that many suckers out there?

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