Will The PSX Replace Your Computer?

from the calm-down-now dept

Michael Malone seems to be going a bit overboard in his

praise of the new Sony PSX box. First, he claims that almost no one noticed the announcement, which isn’t exactly true. Then, he goes on to talk about what a big deal it is for Sony to put the various components (a DVD player, a DVR, a hard drive) around their gaming console. He points out that, with a PSX, you won’t need a TiVo or a DVD player… and, when you think about it, you might not even need a computer any more. That’s a bit of an exaggeration. Plenty of people pointed out that this was a clear move to become the digital hub of the future, but it’s a leap to say that it replaces the computer. There have been many attempts to “replace the computer” with a digital hub, and it never seems to happen. While the PSX could become a central point for home entertainment – I don’t think it’s going to do away with the computer just yet. It’s more likely to work very nicely with a computer on a home network, instead.

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Comments on “Will The PSX Replace Your Computer?”

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Jason says:

I think....

This just adds to the pirating world. When I heard about this the first thing that came into mind was, T-VO and a dvd burner? I won’t be spending $60 to buy the sopranos complete season, nor will I spend $20 for every movie. Shit, Pay Per View is $4 and the cost of the dvd….

Not even for that purpose though, but what about having the championship game on dvd forever?

And there’s also everything else… it’s still a PS2. And isn’t the PS3 just an add on onto the Ps2 or is it goign to be a whole new console?

Although, in further thought it would only seem economical for a true 24/7 pirate. It would take a lot to make it your money’s worth.

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