Sybase Invests $25M In Wi-Fi Application Development

Everyone’s focusing on WiFi applications these days. Suddenly WiFi hardware is yesterday’s news. Sybase (remember them?) today joined the crowd, saying they’re going to put $25 million towards WiFi application development. The idea is to make hotspots “more cost effective” while providing better software to let users connect to enterprise applications. They seem to be focused on the popular areas these days: (a) how to deal with WiFi roaming (b) security, security, security and (c) local caching of data to make hotspots faster and less of a battery drain. It appears there are a lot of companies with very varied backgrounds attacking this space. I don’t envy any of them, as it’s going to be quite a competitive situation. However… from the end-user standpoint, it looks like some very interesting applications may start showing up.

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