Eternal Spamnation Or Accountability?

from the even-the-marketers-are-getting-up-in-arms dept

As the spam problem gets worse and worse, even the online marketers are trying to come up with solutions. A VP of email marketing firm Digital Impact claims he has a simple solution to the spam problem: require anyone sending “bulk” emails to identify themselves. Of course, you have to chuckle at any solution that starts out by saying: “modify the Internet infrastructure…”. He basically wants to make a small adjustment, though, that would make it impossible to send large mailings unless you identified yourself to some sort of central registry – thereby making it easier to track you down if you violated a set of “rules” about mass emailing. It’s an interesting idea (and only a slight modification on what many others have suggested). Of course, considering the sophistication of spammers these days, how long would it take them to figure out a way to either forge their identity or make use of some innocent person’s identity instead?

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