Major Tablet PC Vendors Experience Declining Sales

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One of the most hyped product launches last year went to the Microsoft-conceived “tablet PC”. After all the hype, most talk of the tablet PC died out pretty quickly (as it had done every time in the past that someone tried to launch such a product). Now, vendors are admitting that tablet PC sales are dropping, and they’re lowering their estimates. Some are saying that they received less support from Microsoft than expected on the tablet PC – which is odd, considering the amount of hype they put into it. The thing that confuses me most, is why Microsoft decided to pitch tablet PCs as a separate category. As far as I’m concerned, the tablet nature of the systems are really just a nice feature add-on for a laptop. If they just pitched it as a laptop feature, more people would see it and buy into it, rather than having to get their head around the idea of a separate tablet PC.

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Comments on “Major Tablet PC Vendors Experience Declining Sales”

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1 Comment
Joe Schmoe says:

They're a step backwards, that's why!

These things reek of 1st Gen lack of thought – Why’d they eliminate the CD/DVD drives?

It really is rather nice and convenient to be able to watch a [DVD] movie on my laptop (I ride a train everyday…) – Can you imagine how cool it would be to be able to watch a flick on flat form factor tablet instead of a opened laptop?

C’mon – Someone out there in the “industry” read this and get your groove on!

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