And Now For Something Completely Wireless…

The wireless backlash continues. Even Fujitsu has gotten into the game, suggesting that too many companies are setting up mobile working systems just because it’s trendy, and without looking into how it fits strategically. I have mixed feelings on this. I agree that many companies are leaping before looking when it comes to their mobile strategies, but companies can also be hurt by focusing too much on justification. There are unexpected benefits to many wireless solutions as well – such as those noticed by many companies who installed WiFi simply as a way to avoid running ethernet around their office. What many found was that the WiFi, beyond cutting out the wiring needs, also let them do much much more. For example, people would bring laptops to meetings, and have information at their fingertips that made the meetings much more productive. So, I do agree that bad wireless strategies can be a waste of time and money, over justification might be just as bad.

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