SCO Has Press Banned From Briefing

from the simply-gives-you-more-bad-publicity dept

SCO, throughout this entire mess, has made move after move that seems purposely designed to give them bad publicity. It’s as if they never actually think through the consequences of their actions. The latest move is to prevent the press from attending an explanation of the case to the Australian Unix and Open Systems User Group (AUUG). The article explains their reasoning (which doesn’t make it sound as bad as the headline does), but it just shows how out of touch SCO is. They think that by denying the press entrance to this meeting, it will be “more relaxed and casual”. However, it’s already clear that the AUUG meeting isn’t going to be that casual (they’ve condemned SCO’s moves) – and this just adds more fuel to the fire outside of that meeting. Besides, it shows that SCO doesn’t seem to realize that, these days, everyone is the press. So, in the end, they get none of the benefits (the meeting will still be confrontational and whatever is said will still get out) and things look worse to everyone else (because SCO looks like they’re hiding from the press).

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