The Internet: The Cause And Solution To Bad Marriages

from the you-can-do-anything-online dept

Recently, we had a story saying that many unhappy couples were blaming the internet for leading them to divorce. Luckily, it’s growing ever easier for them to then use the web to file those divorce papers. This has actually been around for some time, and we mentioned the idea in a post two years ago, but it’s been really catching on lately. This isn’t making certain religious leaders happy, who don’t like the idea that divorce should be “easy” in anyway.

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Comments on “The Internet: The Cause And Solution To Bad Marriages”

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Anonymous Coward says:


Those religious organizations should stop making marriage so easily. Most divorc?es agree that they simply married while they were too immature, either too dependent or too independent (if we assume the Coveyist ‘Interdependence’ is our goal) for marriage.

Religious organizations tell us that people who do not get married are sinners. People who use pregnancy prevention products are sinners. People who get married before having sex are the only people who are loved by their god.

‘Free’ americans are told they’re going to hell if they so much as see a naked booby before marrying, so marry they do. It’s only right, after all. Jesus won’t love you if you don’t. I don’t see our religious ‘leaders’, if they pay attention to anything other than their own finery and altar boys, actually protesting the age at which horny young children are getting hitched.

Those of us who’re going to hell for not overpopulating the planet – oddly, killing an ecosystem through overpopulation being a plan apparently supported by most omniscient beings – must still survive the haughty, reproachful stare of the hag at the (aptly named) kwickie mart in order to obtain our termporary fix to the problem of our own fertility.

I guess, though, since I’m not married, I’m already going to hell, and one can only go to hell once….

Since I’m already going to hell, apparently I need to shoplift some trojans so that I can adulterate with my neighbour’s wife, whom I covet, while I contemplate having a lord other than God and where I can get me a Nine for some of my own wrath.

thecaptain says:

Its a symptom of our society.

1 – As a society we want the quick and easy. (I’m sorry, quick and easy is how you bake a cake or clean a toilet, its NOT how you make a marriage work). This leads to easy marriages and easier divorces, no one works at a relationship anymore..(I find that sad).
2 – As a society we want someone to blame. In marriage’s case, its the internet…I mean…god forbid its a partner’s fault for not working at the relationship or anything…

Csharpener says:

Re: Its a symptom of our society.

I’ve been married successfully for four years now.

My wife and I have had problems, but only when we don’t communicate.

I know it sounds cliche, but it works. Don’t marry someone because you think they’re “perty”
Marry them because you communicate well.

The internet has nothing to do with anything.

thecaptain says:

Re: Re: Its a symptom of our society.


I’m getting married next year 🙂 and I look forward to it.

My fiancee and I haven’t always had an easy relationship, but the difference between her and my numerous ex-girlfriends are simply:

1) We communicate, communicate communicate.
2) We are insanely loyal to each other 🙂
3) We aren’t afraid to say the truth even if it hurts to resolve a situation.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Its a symptom of our society.

I disagree. I first believe that if some one is going to cheat using the internet, then there is obviously a problem with the relationship to begin with. But, I also see the internet as a handy and available tool that would often temp one’s curiousity as to “whats out there”. Rather than couples working out their problems, they can turn to the net for escape or to vent their issues to some one they think really gives a damn. Next thing you know, “Afair”. There could be many reasons for turning to the net. I believe that this tool created, enhanced, nurtured, and worshipped by our society also has contributed to the downfall and destruction of America’s family unit. I know because I lived it first hand back in 1997. It was too strong of an addiction for my “then wife” to fight. Rather than work things out, this high tech communication god apparently had all the right answers. Tell, me all wise one, have you ever lost a family or loved ones over a one night stand with AOL after more than 16 years invested in a relationship, a marriage, and a family. You have to experience the life threatening aguish of loss like this in order to give me an even semi intelegent answer.

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