Broadband Users Want Computer Security From ISPs

from the well,-of-course-they-do dept

This latest study should come as no surprise to most people, but I am surprised that various broadband ISPs haven’t realized it yet. For years, people keep hearing stories about computer intrusions and how difficult it is to secure a computer network – with many of those stories talking about home broadband systems. Your average high speed internet subscriber doesn’t know a damn thing about securing their machines and the very thought of it scares them. So, they would much rather just have their ISP take care of it for them. Of course, at the same time, they don’t want their ISP to mess with their computers, so they want it all to happen at the ISP itself. The study showed most people would really like it best if their ISP just handled all the security as a remote service (basically: “just don’t let any bad stuff get through to me”) so they didn’t have to think about it at all. Based on studies like this one, I wouldn’t be surprised to see certain ISPs try to differentiate themselves by offering “more secure” high speed access – though, I wonder what liabilities that would bring up if (or, rather, when) that security is broken.

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