Is Tech Spending Going Up?

from the or-is-it-just-a-blip dept

There have been lots of positive signs recently in the tech world, and some are saying that companies are finally starting to spend again on technology – which should help jumpstart productivity and (hopefully) the rest of the economy. Others, however, say this is just a little blip, and there’s no evidence that any real tech spending is going on. While there are some positive signs, looking at the details of the article suggest there may still be a ways to go. The basis for saying that businesses are more open to tech spending are companies saying what they plan to spend going forward. The basis for saying it’s a mirage is from HP saying that they haven’t seen any noticeable increase in people buying. Now, HP might not be a perfect proxy for the entire industry, but the fact that it’s based on actual sales, as opposed to what people say they might buy carries a lot more weight. When you ask people what their spending plans are for the future, they’re almost always going to think optimistically, and push those numbers up. Looking at actual sales is a much better indicator.

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