The New Lie Detectors: Poking Around Your Brain

from the ethical-questions? dept

As scientists are working on all sorts of new technology for catching liars in the act, some are wondering if it’s ethical to poke around someone’s brain and see if they’re telling the truth. Is it an invasion of privacy to see if you’re lying? Of course, there’s plenty of arguments that none of these lie detecting methods work, anyway, which actually makes the ethical question a bit more complicated.

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Comments on “The New Lie Detectors: Poking Around Your Brain”

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dorpus says:

If we don't build them, who will?

Would we want less democratic countries like China or Iran to develop better brain-reading technology than us? Even if it goes against our democratic sensibilities, it’s important to understand how the technology works. And I believe it can have plenty of pro-democracy uses, like finding serial killers before they act.

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