Software CEO Finds Segway Marathon Hard On The Back, Knees

from the occupational-hazards dept

Remember last week the story about the anti-spam company CEO trying to get attention for his startup by riding a Segway a few hundred miles? Well, he made it (though, he cut part of the trip out to avoid traffic). So, how was the ride? “It was pretty hard on the back and hard on the knees, actually.” Looks like the Segway as a long distance option isn’t going to make it very far, then. As a publicity stunt, though? Seems to have brought him attention – but no promise of venture capital just yet.

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Comments on “Software CEO Finds Segway Marathon Hard On The Back, Knees”

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1 Comment (user link) says:

Segway Hard on Back and Knees

Being a Segway owner since Feb. 27th, I too have noticed stiffness in my back after riding; but the same is true about my golf game every spring. The HT will get the rider to use muscles seldom used. A couple weeks of riding and most people will experience no pain. And remember, riders must relax to some natural degree and not be stiff with locked knees.

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