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Business 2.0 is running a long, gushing profile of Intuit CEO, Steve Bennett. There’s a pretty simple summary: he came from GE to a successful, but complacent software company, and brought with him all the “six sigma” and other process oriented teachings of GE (along with a bunch of execs). It is probably part of the growing process that a company like Intuit needed to go through – adding a bit of process to remain competitive. However, that doesn’t mean everyone’s happy. Touched on very briefly in the article is the fact that many engineers at Intuit aren’t happy. They say it’s no fun to work there any more, and there’s a lot of useless bureaucracy. It’s always a trade-off, I guess. Big companies need process to keep pushing forward – but it’s not as fun for some of the workers. The article also doesn’t say anything about their big product activation blunder from earlier this year – suggesting that, for all their focus on process, they may have lost a bit of focus on being customer friendly.

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