Why 3G Shouldn't Fight WiFi

I’ve come to a conclusion. I think the only people who really think that WiFi and 3G are in some sort of “fight” are the press and analysts. That’s the only way I can describe the incredible number of articles on the subject. This latest one almost gets the point by correctly noticing that each technology is good for some things and bad for other things, and you get a much stronger solution if you combine the two in some ways. So, the writer goes on to argue that the backers of each standard shouldn’t fight each other. I’m not sure which world he’s living in, but it seems pretty clear that they’re not really fighting. This became especially clear in the last week with all the various telecom companies announcing WiFi plans. It seems that they know that WiFi and 3G have different benefits and can (and should) co-exist at this point. So, when will the press and the analysts stop trying to pick a fight that doesn’t seem to exist?

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