Comcast Will Add WiFi If Verizon Is Successful

Comcast is saying that they’ll watch how successful Verizon’s WiFi rollout is before deciding if they want to offer WiFi. They say they can put access points everywhere they have cable, so location isn’t a big problem. They’re just not convinced it makes economic sense, and so they’ll wait and see. The article brings up all the “old fears” about WiFi, and even points out that Verizon is telling people not to do any online shopping on their hotspots – which doesn’t make much sense. Assuming you are careful and if the merchant uses SSL, then your data is going to be encrypted anyway. Or, if they’re really concerned, why don’t they offer some sort of VPN service for their customers? Comcast also said they might be open to offering different kinds of wireless on licensed spectrum, which pretty much misses the whole point of the WiFi revolution.

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