Now The Other iLoo Inventor Is Annoyed That It's A Hoax

from the can't-have-it-both-ways dept

Ok, ok. I’m really hoping that this is our last “iLoo” related story, but it had to be included for completeness. If you haven’t been following the iLoo saga, it goes roughly like this: First, Microsoft’s UK MSN group announces the “iLoo”, an internet-enabled porta-potty. As this gets international attention, someone in the UK claims that he actually invented the iLoo and was angry at Microsoft for stealing his idea. Hours later, it’s revealed that the Microsoft iLoo is really an April Fool’s joke that shipped late. So, don’t you think the “original” iLoo inventor should be happy? Nope. It appears that he’s always looking for the negative to these stories, as his latest move is to complain that this “hoax” has discredited his own iLoo idea, and it will never get anywhere. I hate to break it to this guy, but he’s been sitting on the pot (er, so to speak) on this idea for a few years now without getting much attention. This little “hoax” has brought him more publicity than anything else he could possibly come up with. If he can’t figure out a way to capitalize on the idea now, then clearly, it’s because most people consider the idea of an “iLoo” to be a joke, no matter what Microsoft’s opinion is on the matter.

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