Now The iLoo Is Real Again

from the ugh dept

My goodness. I lied. Earlier today, I promised no more iLoo stories. However, in my own defense, I’ll say that Microsoft comes out of this as flip-flopping a lot worse than I did. That’s right. Now, they’re saying the iLoo was real all along. I wonder if this means that the “other guy” who invented the iLoo and was so upset earlier today will now be happy again. Either way, Microsoft says the idea is dead now. Microsoft is quite embarrassed about the flip-flopping, and say this isn’t how they like to do PR. What a surprise. However, this is a clear hit for Microsoft’s PR credibility. It’s a large organization, but how hard is it to get a story straight once it gets this much publicity? At this point, I wouldn’t even know which story to believe.

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