Bluetooth Slow to Catch On

It’s amusing to watch the pendulum swing. First, Bluetooth was going to be everywhere. Then it was overhyped and it was going to be nowhere. Then, again, it was going to be the “quiet revolution” and once everyone was ignoring it, thinking it was dead, it was going to take over. Well, now we’re back to the oh-what-a-disappointment-bluetooth-is phase. Of course, again, this article seems to be based entirely on anecdotes about how bluetooth isn’t catching on. It also suggests that part of the reason for this is that WiFi has stole bluetooth’s thunder. Companies are focusing on offering WiFi-enabled solutions, and aren’t pushing as hard on bluetooth-enabled solutions. I think people are looking at it the wrong way. The real issue is that, for bluetooth to succeed, people shouldn’t be focused on it. Bluetooth should be “quiet” technology – that just works. My mother doesn’t want to know what bluetooth is, she just wants to be able to send a document from her computer to her printer. If she can do that without having to plug in some wires, that’s cool. People are too focused on getting the word about bluetooth out. Instead, they should be focused on getting the word about the functionality out.

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