Balancing Data Needs And Privacy

from the will-it-work? dept

In the past few months, I keep seeing Teresa Lunt’s name pop up, concerning work being done for the TIA. Her part of the project is to design a system to make sure that the great government data mining system doesn’t actually unfairly invade anyone’s privacy. The normal response, of course, is to be skeptical. However, it seems like the government is going to figure out a way to get their datamining system, no matter how loudly people complain. If that’s the case, we might as well have some technology in place that protects privacy. Of course, I’m also coming around to support the idea of two-way surveillance. Not that it’s likely to happen, but if the government wants to spy on people, shouldn’t the people get to review an audit trail to see what they’re doing with their data?

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