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Motorola Releases Portable IM Device

Taking a half-step between computer-based instant messaging and mobile SMS text messaging, Motorola is getting ready to laucnh a pager-style device for instant messaging that will work through your computer. In other words, it’s only useful in your home, up to a certain distance away from the machine. It will run over 900Mhz ISM band, which many older cordless phones use. Sounds like it could be a fun little toy, in some instances, but is it worth $100? It’s basically $100 for anyone too lazy to walk over to their computer each time someone sends them an IM. Also, right now, it only works with AIM, and not the other major IM programs. Of course, as IM moves to mobile phones, these devices will become even less valuable. I’ve already got full AIM-access via my Danger Hiptop, so this device would be useless for me.

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