EarthLink Sues Buffalo Spammer

from the taking-on-the-spammers dept

Earthlink is really trying to build up their reputation as an anti-spam crusader this week. First, they announced plans to offer a challenge-response, whitelist solution and now they’ve filed a $16 million lawsuit against a spammer. Of course, since spam itself is still legal in most ways, they’re suing on other grounds. In this case, they accuse the spammer of identity theft, banking fraud and stealing credit cards in order to keep opening new ISP accounts to send spam. I’d say those crimes are a bit worse than just sending out spam – but if it helps take a spammer down, it sounds good to me. Update: Okay, that was fast. They’ve already won. Turns out the case was actually filed back in November. The original article has been changed to reflect the ruling as well.

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