Spammer, Anti-Spammer Almost Get Into Fistfight

from the well,-what-would-you-do? dept

Last week with all the articles about the FTC’s spam summit, I was wondering why there weren’t more quotes from spammers. It seems the Washington Post has taken care of that, tracking down a bunch of the spammers who went to the show and got their quotes. Of course, every one of them claims they’re not spammers. Oh no. Spammers are the other guys, who are sending out messages that are even worse than the “PlayStation giveaways, low-rate mortgages, life insurance, vacation packages and penis enlargement pills” that these “legitimate” online marketers consider fair game. They also don’t seem to consider it spam if it’s unsolicited, claiming: “Unsolicited e-mail of any kind isn’t the problem.” Um. Wait. Yes, it IS the problem. I don’t want to hear from spammers, and yet they insist on sending me this crap in mass quantities every day. Anyway, what would you do if you met an spammer in person? Judging from comments people have left on this site in the past, many people might try to hurt them physically (something we at Techdirt would never endorse). However, it sounds like that’s exactly what almost happened at the show. The article leads off with a story of how the spammer who is suing anti-spammers almost got into a fist-fight with one of the anti-spammers he’s suing.

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