The Tiger Woods Of Virtual Golf

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Last year we had an article about people who were making pretty good money playing in virtual golf tournaments. It seems that it’s a growing obsession with some people, as here’s a profile of one of the top virtual golf players in the world. While the article calls him the “Tiger Woods of virtual golf”, that’s not really accurate – because this guy is ranked 22nd in the nation. Yes. That’s right. Virtual golf has it’s own rankings. The machines are all connected to a central server, and it keeps track of how well the players do. I still think that it won’t be that long until a sports channel like ESPN starts covering certain video game competitions just like they cover sports now. Of course, a lot of the credit, in this case, has to go to the company that produces this particular golf video game – since they clearly set it up and encourage it to mimic the real golf world – with standings and tournaments.

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