In The Company Of Spies

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We’ve written about SAIC before – the hugely secret, but enormously profitable company that supplies all sorts of government agencies with various technologies they need. Business 2.0 is now running a good profile of SAIC talking about how the company began, and how it’s grown over time. It also discusses the notorious cut-throat culture (described as “Darwinian chaos”). The article mentions the fact that the company is entirely “employee owned”, but doesn’t get into all the details about it (the culture is apparently notorious for using the internal distribution of shares as a part of every incentive given to employees – and once you leave, you’re forced to sell back your shares). The article does describe, however, some of their datamining tools – and if you have any doubt who would be supplying the tools for the well known TIA system, I think it’s pretty clear who would win the contract after reading this article.

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Comments on “In The Company Of Spies”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Fun company to work for... NOT!

…as related by a former employee: back when
NSI was privately held and owned by SAIC, all
the so called employee-owners were offered a
a chance to invest as much as $5k in NSI’s IPO.
That offer was extended to the rank and file
shmucks just a few miniutes before the close of
business (west coast time).

Shortly after that little stunt, he resigned and
that so called “employee owned company” lost one
very motivated employee. How motivated? Try two months at sea doing deployed network/systems
support with the Navy.

…so, while that little “Darwinian chaos” dagger
looks all shiny and pretty when stabbing fellow
employees in the back, it cuts both ways. This
guy now occupies a position that would otherwise
be filled by a SAIC droid and I can tell you that
there’s nothing that makes him happier than that

There’s a really good reason why SAIC gets most
of their money via government contract… that’s
the only organization stupid enough to hire them.

Also, for any higher-ups being courted by SAIC
for post-retirement employment: you’re being
pursued for your contacts and influence, which
fade rapidly. In fact it’s questionable if
you will be able fill the function that SAIC
needs you for without violating the “cooling
off” period required. Unless you’re very adept
at pulling a political rabit out of your ass,
I’d suggest you consider employment with a
company that values you for your skill and
experience… SAIC will discard you if they
believe your influence has expired or your
contacts have moved out of their chess move

BTW, that #@!% company still owes him $8k in
unpaid travel expenses… unfortunatly there
aren’t any lawyers in CA who will pursue SAIC.
I guess their all too busy look for the low
hanging “sexual harassment” fruit.

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