Motorola Takes WiFi To The Living Room

Motorola is trying to expand WiFi’s usage. Now that people have realized that beyond just cutting the wires, WiFi offers a whole new way of using networks and the internet within a home, Motorola is trying to push that along by offering a combined device that offers a bunch of different components in a single box. It’s a cable modem, wireless access point, ethernet router and switch, print server and advanced firewall all in one. The idea is that this single box can be everything that a home network needs. However, I wonder how much convincing it’s going to take your average consumer looking to set up their own home network. This single box is $350, and they’re not necessarily going to understand why it’s better than separate boxes available for one-third the price. Most wireless routers already act as an ethernet router, print server and firewall. This just adds in the cable modem – which are incredibly cheap already (and are often given to consumers by the cable company). Where’s the benefit?

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