Here Come Wireless Data Applications

Slowly, but surely, companies are stepping up to offer wireless data applications for mobile phones. This article lists a few examples including an application to help students study for their SATs or GREs (doesn’t that sound like fun?). The second example is just porting a game to the phone platform (many games have already been ported, so this isn’t that big). The last one is just a news service from the Associated Press – which again doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. If you have real internet access on your phone (as you should…) then you don’t need a special service for news – though, the alert feature might be nice for big stories. Of course, it sounds like most of these applications are just taking online content or desktop applications and moving them to the phone – rather than trying to come up with applications that really take advantage of the fact that the platform is mobile and connected. I guess those applications come later.

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