Software Rams Great Firewall Of China

from the let-censorship-remain-at-home dept

Back in January we posted an article without many details about how the US was funding software to break through censorship on the internet in places like China or Saudia Arabia. This article now

provides a little more info. The project is, as expected, being funded by the Voice of America – and it certainly seems to fit in with their mandate. While there are other, similar products available, the goal of this version is to make it very user friendly. This article doesn’t mention the fact that the software will be open, with the idea that even if people know how it works – they won’t be able to stop it. What this article does pick up on, however, is the irony of the US government funding this software, while (at the same time) trying to impose censorship rules of its own (that this software could also be used to defeat). It still sounds like an actual product is a little ways off.

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