SBC Seeks Changes That Would Raise Net Access Prices

from the this-can't-be-good dept

I’ll admit that I don’t know enough of the details about this story to have a definite opinion on it yet. However, from what is written here, it certainly does seem like a scam by SBC to put other local telecom companies out of business. The question is how much

SBC should charge other phone companies to carry internet traffic accross their network. SBC is pushing for higher per-minute fees and a “per-mile fee” depending on the distance of the call. Of course, the distance should have absolutely nothing to do with anything, and doesn’t change the cost of the phone call at all. All it really does is make it less likely that other local internet service providers will stay in business.

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Comments on “SBC Seeks Changes That Would Raise Net Access Prices”

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DV Henkel-Wallace says:

Re: Oh cry me a river

SBC has been forced for a long time to sell their networks to competitors at a loss to them.

Yea right. I have never believed this argument in the slightest. If this were true the other bells could come in and poach from each others’ turf. Hell, SBC could be doing the same in reverse.

This multi-carrier access rule does screw up the investment calculus, as does most regulation, but that’s an unrelated issue.

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