Undergrads Master Web Long After Dot-Com Bust

from the the-web-is-still-fun dept

Remember during the boom years when college students in their dorm rooms could make tons of money starting up their own internet site? Thought those days were gone? Apparently, they’re not. Here’s the story of the college buddies who started collegehumor.com that has done incredibly well, even though it was started in the post-boom era. It’s run by two college students part-time, but brings in nearly half a million in online ad and affiliate sales revenue. Basically, they provide a central source for all the sophomoric humor you can find online. The site attracts a tremendous amount of traffic from college kids with credit cards – and that’s good news for advertisers. Who knows how well it will last, but the college dorm room startup apparently isn’t a thing of the past just yet.

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