Communications Bills Add Up (And Up, And Up)

from the so-many-services... dept

As just about every company out there is trying to figure out some way to hit up consumers to give them a little more money, some people are beginning to realize just

how much all those bills add up to. Suddenly, everyone has their cable bill, their phone bill, their cell phone bill, their broadband (or perhaps dialup) internet bill, and so on. And, the bills look like they’re going to keep coming. Soon, you may need to have a TiVo bill, a downloadable music service bill, and plenty more. With each one of these, consumers get hooked, and find an increasing percentage of their disposable income going towards these services. One interesting thing in the article is that some companies are realizing that “bundling” services isn’t such a good idea, because then consumers realize just how much they’re actually paying. Right now, they’re simply annoyed at many smaller bills, but never take the time to add it all up. In experiments with a combined bill, consumers get sticker shock, and start to look for ways to lower the bill.

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