Would You Pay To IM A Bot?

from the I-don't-think-so... dept

First off, I’ll admit that I never used SmarterChild in its free form. Even then, it didn’t seem worth it. Why would I need to send an instant message to find a sports score, news item, or stock quote, when I could just as quickly get that same info in my browser using Google or any other service? However, the folks at ActiveBuddy (yes, the same folks who claim they have a patent on chat bots) have decided that there’s enough value in their SmarterChild IM bot to charge $10/year. While the price isn’t very high, I don’t see why anyone would find it worthwhile to pay. The info SmarterChild gives out is readily and easily available for free elsewhere. There is no real advantage to using SmarterChild that I can figure out.

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Comments on “Would You Pay To IM A Bot?”

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1 Comment
chris falco says:

a reason

a reason I can think of is people that have cell phones with AIM but don’t have or subscribe to mobile internet services.

This was you can use a mini-portal like smarterchild on your phone without paying for mobile data services if you already have AIM, which on many plans such as T-mobile only count as text messaging

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