Ricochet Fishes For Broadband Bites

from the too-late? dept

Just a day after announcing their Ricochet-Linksys router, Ricochet Networks has announced that they’re going to target dialup surfers to try to convert them to the Ricochet wireless broadband solution. This strategy, of course, is no surprise. It’s exactly what everyone has been saying they should have done five years ago. However, the fact that it’s taken them this long to get around to it (including going out of business, getting bought by a new company and having to wait while the network was rebuilt) means that the strategy doesn’t make as much sense any more. Their most likely early adopters will already be happily set up with some sort of WiFi access – which holds some advantages over Ricochet. So, while they’ve finally found the right strategy, it’s probably a few years too late.

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