Californians Swamp Anti-Telemarketer Site

from the go-get-'em dept

In the last day or so, I received about five emails from friends telling me that California was letting people “pre-register” to be on the national do-not-call list. So, is it any surprise that

the California site has been absolutely swamped with people clamoring to be left alone? Yet, the telemarketers will continue to battle this in court, under their strange belief that they have a constitutional right to bother people. Even if you think it is legal (and anyone who does and isn’t somehow employed by the telemarketing industry would be a rare find indeed), this should be the final sign to the industry: people don’t want what you’re selling and they hate it when you bother them. Any business that is based entirely on the concept of bothering its customers has a business model that needs to be changed.

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Comments on “Californians Swamp Anti-Telemarketer Site”

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1 Comment
DV Henkel-Wallace says:

har har

I liked the comment from the politician:

“The timeliness of this is perfect,” Figueroa said, “because everybody has been so negative about government, at the state and federal level, and this is one nice thing that we can say we are doing, and it doesn’t cost them a dime.”

Now what we need is a list of people who sell via telemarketers so we can boycott their products!

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