Will Technology Help Bring Down Gray Davis?

from the how-quickly-things-change dept

Gray Davis is the governor of California and he certainly spent some time courting the “technology” vote. If you live here, and followed the elections last year, almost everyone admitted that they couldn’t stand any of the candidates, and Davis only won because he was considered the lesser of two pretty extreme evils. Now, however, his opponents are trying to use technology to push him out of office long before his four-year term is up. They’re pushing for a recall that would essentially start the election process up again next year. Normally, these things don’t go anywhere, but the ease of pushing a recall on the web, combined with the general distaste everyone seems to have towards Davis have made this one more likely than any such attempts in the past.

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Comments on “Will Technology Help Bring Down Gray Davis?”

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John Jorsett says:

Evil? Bosh.

Calling either of the major gubernatorial candidates ‘extreme evil’ is sheer hyperbole. Davis is a corrupt, incompetent, indecisive apparatchik, who managed to attain his position through his ability to extort money from businesses and those seeking government favors. About the worst you could say regarding Bill Simon is that he’s an inexperienced — perhaps even naive — neophyte who’d probably have been devoured alive by the Sacramento Democrats. Neither of these qualifies as ‘extreme evil’.

Perpetual Newbie says:

Re: As said by someone who missed the debates, etc

Bill Simon originally campaigned on Davis not being corrupt enough (however he put it, not having enough concern/connection to business or something like that), and admitted that hardly anyone in California agrees with his far-right viewpoints so pledged to use the government post to propagandize the public until everyone agreed with him and he could pass religious laws. He also embezzled from the charity whose leadership of was the highlight of his campaign, although a judge appointed by the last Republican governor threw out the unanimous jury conviction and fined the group which brought the case against him.

Davis is so intent on being considered friendly to law enforcement that he refuses to review any capital cases (which is part of the governor’s job by law), assuming that anyone up for the death penalty deserves it.

You may be right that “extreme evil” goes to far, but both cross the line and both are about as extreme bad choices as have been seen in a race since Louisiana got to choose between David Duke and Edwin Edwards.

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