Tech Business Magazines Going Overseas

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With so many big name American business and tech magazines shutting down, the ones that are still around are suddenly looking for new market opportunities overseas. They’re launching foreign editions in countries where it seems there actually is some technology and business activity. The question is whether or not they’re really entering new markets with real potential, or if they’re making a desperation play to make up for lost US revenue.

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Comments on “Tech Business Magazines Going Overseas”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

Telling audiences what they want to hear

Magazines are first and foremost a business that tell readers what they want to hear, followed by the truth. I’ve read foreign editions of magazines that tell completely different stories from the US edition, it’s quite scary. Magazines hire local editors and writers to make local editions; only the layout is similar. I gather the CNN shown in Europe is like this too, with different news anchors, different reporters.

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