Email Bullying On The Rise

from the the-virtual-bully dept

A new study shows that more and more people are using email to bully others (or, conversely, more people feel they’re being bullied over email). The interesting finding was that the higher up the corporate ladder you are, the more likely you felt you were the target or e-bullies. Either this means that people higher up the ladder are more paranoid, or that email is a useful cloak for subordinates to take out their anger on their supervisors. The real problem seems to be the same thing that people found on message boards. It’s so easy to sit at your keyboard and type out a bullying message without thinking of the human being(s) at the other end.

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Comments on “Email Bullying On The Rise”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given


Personally, I always take the tack of making sure that my emails say in no uncertain terms what I mean, but if there is the chance of misinterpretation I usually call before or just after sending to make sure no feathers get ruffled.

After all, while we deal with people face to face it is the written record that you’ll get hung with.

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