Entrepreneurship Levels Fall Dramatically Across The World

from the running-scared dept

In the boom years, everyone wanted to be an entrepreneur. Now, in the bust years, people seem to be running back to “more stable jobs” as entrepreneurship rates around the world are dropping substantially. They held steady in the US last year (after a huge fall the previous year), but other nations saw a tremendous drop in entrepreneurial activity. This isn’t a huge surprise, nor a big concern. It is certainly more difficult to be an entrepreneur when money isn’t flowing, and it requires a very different outlook on how to build a business. I still think that businesses that come out of tough times are more likely to be stronger long-term operations. However, in the end, entrepreneurship is a personal decision. The best quote I ever heard from someone talking about “when is the right time to start a business” was “when the entrepreneur feels he or she is ready”.

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