Broadband Connections Now A "Selling Point" For Homes

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Broadband is certainly going mainstream. Not only is it a human right in Kentucky, it’s now being used by homebuilders all over the country as a major selling point in new homes. New houses are specifically being wired up for broadband access. This has been going on for quite some time, but the article points out that it’s spreading very rapidly – in all types of homes from the low end to the high. No one sees it as a “critical” decision-making point (nor should they), but it’s still important. Of course, I wonder how important this becomes as everything goes wireless? Do I really care if my home has ethernet jacks everywhere, if I can just plug in my WiFi router and the whole house is suddenly connected?

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Comments on “Broadband Connections Now A "Selling Point" For Homes”

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rama r says:

No Subject Given

IMO, WiFi will never completely replace physical wires. With a wire, you know you’re (physically) secure and you’re not getting any interferance.
802.11b can’t reach every spot in a decent sized house either- maybe the new gigaband stuff is better in this regard.
I’d pick a house done up in Cat V over wireless by a long shot with today’s technologies.

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