Madonna Taps Fans For MP3 Release

from the nice-try dept

Madonna, who has been vehemently against MP3s online is suddenly experimenting with the format, as she has released an unrestricted MP3 via her website to those who paid $1.49. A bit pricey for a single song, but for experiments like this, people seem willing to pay for big name performers. Interestingly, part of the deal was that if the song found its way to file sharing networks early, they promised to send the MP3 out before the official release date (which was today). So, when the file showed up yesterday on various file trading networks, the song was emailed out early to those who had prepaid. Of course, I’m sure it’s now flooded all over file sharing networks, but it’s good to see that some in the entertainment industry realize that might not be a bad thing. They made some money from those who did pay, and now the open nature of the MP3 and the publicity this is getting should help the single get more attention – leading to more airtime, and eventually more sales.

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