A Medium Meets Its War

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I guess it’s not really surprising to discover that new technology stories have slowed to a bit of a crawl this evening in light of the events going on in Iraq. Most of the stories seems to try to put some sort of technology spin on the war. Not sure how much there will be worth posting, so it may be a bit slow here for a little while (though, maybe not – you never know). The Washington Post, however, is talking about how this is the first real “internet war” and discusses how the major news organizations are preparing to meet the likely onslaught of visitors, while also adding additional content. As a nice contrast, MSNBC is running an article about independent journalists reporting from Iraq via websites. If during the original Gulf War, everyone was glued to CNN, clearly (and not at all surprisingly), this one will be broadcast online. Update: Over at Business 2.0, Jimmy Guterman adds his suggestions for what major news sites should do during the conflict. He names two things: (1) don’t bother with broadband video – most people won’t want to watch it, and it only slows down the site and (2) look to blogs (and point readers at them) to jumpstart conversations.

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