Why It's Time To Take A Risk

from the stop-worrying,-and-start-experimenting dept

This isn’t the first time I’ve said that now is a great time to be building a company. Everything is cheap – except for capital and customers. However, if you can figure out a way around those two hurdles, it’s a great time to build a strong company foundation without as much pressure as during the boom years. And, it’s not just startups. Every company should think about ways they can take a risk these days. It’s not necessarily frivolous risks – but calculated ones that make sense these days. One of the signs of a strong business is that it looks at the driving forces of the world it lives in, and figures out how to best play off of them. In the boom years, when there was plenty of money floating around, it made sense to get the cash (it was cheap after all), though not necessarily to then go out and spend it on million dollar parties. Nowadays, when everybody is cutting back, a smart business will realize that there are many cheap things out there (office space, people, equipment), and figure out how to use that to their advancement. The companies that use this time only to cut back, won’t be in a position to do much of everything when things turn up again.

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